Australian All Energy Solutions - SCAM (Be Careful)

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Lawrence Bradbrook and Paul Reynolds were previously the Directors of SKYShades Australia, a Brisbane based business owned by Brisbane Bronco's founding Chairman Barry Maranta and his business partner Forest Lake Real Estate Agent Ric Hayter and backed by Australian golfing legend Greg Norman.

This company was was placed in the hands of the liquidators in July, 2012 together with the other SKYShades businesses.

Investors have lost over $20million in the collapse after they were found to be $2 companies with no assets.

Now they operate their new solar business under Australian All Energy Solutions:, without the corporate regulators knowledge.

You will notice that on their website they promote completed solar projects which are also promoted on the recently rebirthed SKYShades Australia website:

They are now seeking a new group of investors to fund their latest SCAM, so be careful in any dealings with these germs.

BE CAREFULL !!! Do your research !!

Review about: Solar.



Hater's next big scam:

Watch this space!


Thank you for posting these comments. It has saved me many $0,000's. I didn't realise they were the same grubs who ran Sky Shades.


Another Barry Maranta/ Rick Hayter SCAM.

I agree, you should stay well away from this SCAM, after my recent dealings with this company.

I wish I had have read this posting before doing business with them.

Laurie Bradbrook turned out to be a 'real ***', no doubt well educated by Maranta and Hayter.


Many thanks for this posting.

Can anyone help me find the location of their office as the website:, does not disclose one.

My recent dealings have been with Laurie Bradbrook who won't take or return my phone calls.

They owe me money for a deposit I made sometime ago.

to Warren B Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia #806985

Website has no address. I wonder Why not?

Try - Level 1, 344 New Cleveland Road, Tingalpa, Brisbane, or 12 Greenridge Street, Wishart, Brisbane.

This should find them.

to David D Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #812211

Another address being used.

Rick Hayter's 'Asian Pacific Realty' now known as: ap-realty

35/235 Forest Lake Blvd, Forest Lake

(07) 3372 0400

to Warren B #810283

Surprise, surprise - a repeat of the good old days when he was a Director of Sky Shades Australia. Nothing has changed in their business practices.

Best of luck getting your deposit back.

You might need to engage one of Ric Hayter's bikie mates.


Laurie Bradbrook & Paul Reynolds former unlicensed Share Safe Financial Services P/L was previously the front for Ric Hayter's many failed companies of the past including Sky Shades Australia backed by Greg Norman, to seek out investors in his shonky companies. He groomed and used these two boneheads and paid them large commissions from investors funds, to disguise his involvement.

If you do an ASIC company search you will find that Share Safe Financial Services P/L has had a name change.

Yes you guessed right - now Australian All Energy Solutions P/L:

I believe they were used by Ric Hayter and Barry Maranta in other failures like Tomato Technologies, Harts Australasia, Craig McDermott's Maxen Developments, Allan Borders Fraser Coast Developments, Asian Pacific, just to name a few.

Do you think Barry Maranta and Ric Hayter are silent partners pulling the strings.

You be the judge!!


How could Bob Weller, Mike Power and Professor Kame Kousam get tied up with this pair of turkey's. The old SKYShades brigade with Barry Maranta and Rick Hayter still pulling the strings of their puppets from the old days of 'connism'.

Same SCAM, same ***, same *** men, different name, new set of suckers being sought.

Nothing has changed.

Next thing they will be offering an IPO with returns of 50%.

Where is our Australian golfing legend Greg Norman? It won't take long for him to be looking for a buck and promoting their crappy solar products.


The two key Director’s are Laurie Bradbrook and Paul Reynolds, who ran an unlicensed Financial Services company that was forced to close down, that being Share Safe Financial Services Pty Ltd.

to Anonymous #808747

Yeah, Ric Hayter or Rick Hayter used them as associates to his existing unlicensed 'LGT GoldRock Financial Services' business:, to recruit investors in his many failed company SCAMS. I suspect the authorities are unaware of this Hayter SCAM partnered with his Forest Lake Real Estate Agency: @ap-realty:

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #790803

It's happening right NOW.

All the old links to Sky Shades continue, more phoenix trading as though nothing has happened.

I agree BE CAREFUL. If you invest, don't expect to get a return or your money back.

It will be a gift to their lavish lifestyles.

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